When Dan was born, mom was told «you have a girl»…

When Dan was born, mom was told «you have a girl» …

Traveling from one “gender box” to another can make you a “stranger” and a “foreigner” almost everywhere.

Now you are closed the entrance to the «female» spaces — toilets, changing rooms … But even in the «male» you will never feel completely free.

Now the girls in the evening on a dark street accelerate their pace, noticing your silhouette. And go to the other side of the street. And you — from your own experience know why. And still sometimes, you do the same yourself …

You probably left the city you grew up in. And maybe from the country. Because neighbors, former classmates, relatives … Too many questions. Too many who think they know who you are better than you.

However … Even if for some reason you cannot leave, after a while many will simply stop recognizing you.

You are at home — when you can be yourself. How he was born, or how he made himself.

Homes are where you can walk naked.
Sometimes, to be at home, you have to go a very difficult way.