Novovorontsovka. Age.

«Novovorontsovka. Age.» In 2016, working with archives in the museum of village Novovorontsovka, Kherson region., The local historian-reconstructor A. Seletsky came across pictures of the inhabitants of the village of antiquity. Military, gendarmes, teacher with pupils, family portraits, group photos of graduates, or conscripts. Getting acquainted with the details of clothes, analyzing the circumstances that led to making these pictures, plunging into facial expressions, almost classical solemn poses, you feel something special, as if recognizing these people. There was an idea to make the same pictures with the modern villagers. But there must be a real military who was in the war, policemen, schoolchildren, a teacher, and so on. Local residents willingly responded to the invitation to participate in the project. It should be noted that this project was made within the framework of the project «Museum in the public space» (within the framework of the «Change the walls with open windows» program supported by DVV-International together with the Integration & Development Center (compilers S. Dyachenko, Yu. Manukyan).